Anonymous unites to Free Assange

At Anonymous Bites Back we have been involved with the movement to defend Julian Assange for a while. Ever since Wikileaks was attacked by the powers that be for exposing the crimes of the governments around the world, we have been fighting back side by side with these great journalists to defend the truth and a free press.

But we are not alone anymore. When Julian Assange was in the Ecuadorian embassy, being smeared almost daily by the controlled main stream media, it was very hard to gather support for him. Especially from people on our “own side”. Because many were convinced that if Julian Assange was really a threat, he would have already been arrested.

Everything changed when this actually happened. When the United Kingdom and United States governments suddenly raided the embassy and dragged independent journalist Julian Assange out of it like he was some criminal, the world was shocked. Everyone understood that this was the crucial moment that it became clear that free press was under attack.

That was also the moment that the Anonymous collective started to unite, and everyone started to express their support to free Assange. Anonymous France launched a petition to stop the extradition, street protests were organized by others around the world, and over 40 million cyber attacks were launched against the countries of Ecuador, the United Kingdom and the United States by others.

Most Anonymous activists are working under the hashtags #FreeAssange or #OpAssange on Twitter, but there are other hashtags you will come across if you have a look. So if you want to support the movement, join on Twitter and help out.

Next to Anonymous there are of course a number of celebrities, journalists and even politicians supporting Julian Assange. This is not without reason. We are now at the moment the United States asks for extradition of a person that is not from that country, for simply publishing truth about crimes committed by the United States army in Iraq. So the problem of Julian Assange is actually a problem for all of us. If they succeed, we will have lost our right to a free press.

Anonymous Bites Back will keep you updated about this situation and on every episode we broadcast we will at least give you some information about the current status and what is happening around the case of Julian Assange. When something important happens, we will be the first to let you know.

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