There is no Anonymous foundation, headquarters or an Anonymous company

Anonymous is an idea. It has no official outlets. Anything called Anonymous “official”, “company”, “foundation” or “headquarters” is something to avoid. For many years we have stated this, and we repeat it again just those who were not aware yet.

The idea of Anonymous can be used to stay safe when you speak out against censorship and oppression. It is also a method to amplify your message when you join together with others using the same name. It does not have leaders or members and it does not make money in any way. Anonymous belongs to everyone. When we stand together united, we are strong. Our millions of activists and hacktivists around the world know what needs to happen if we want to change the world.

Anonymous Bites Back distances from all who want to use Anonymous for other things, like making money. If you come across people calling themselvesor Anonymous Foundation, Anonymous Headquarters or Anonymous Official, do not fall for their trap. Do not send them money, do not visit their websites or other outlets, because you are being scammed. Your safety cannot be assured if you do so. Next to that, actual Anonymous activists do not receive any money from it and they are not affiliated to these groups in any way.

We repeat:

  • There is no Anonymous Company.
  • There is no Anonymous Foundation.
  • There is no Anonymous Headquarters.
  • There is no Anonymous Official.
  • Anonymous will never ask you for donations.
  • Anonymous will never sell merchandise.
  • Anonymous is you. We are all equal.

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