There is no Anonymous foundation, headquarters or an Anonymous company

Anonymous is an idea. It has no official outlets. Anything called Anonymous “official”, “company”, “foundation” or “headquarters” is something to avoid. For many years we have stated this, and we repeat it again just those who were not aware yet.

The idea of Anonymous can be used to stay safe when you speak out against censorship and oppression. It is also a method to amplify your message when you join together with others using the same name. It does not have leaders or members and it does not make money in any way. Anonymous belongs to everyone. When we stand together united, we are strong. Our millions of activists and hacktivists around the world know what needs to happen if we want to change the world.

Anonymous Bites Back distances from all who want to use Anonymous for other things, like making money. If you come across people calling themselvesor Anonymous Foundation, Anonymous Headquarters or Anonymous Official, do not fall for their trap. Do not send them money, do not visit their websites or other outlets, because you are being scammed. Your safety cannot be assured if you do so. Next to that, actual Anonymous activists do not receive any money from it and they are not affiliated to these groups in any way.

We repeat:

  • There is no Anonymous Company.
  • There is no Anonymous Foundation.
  • There is no Anonymous Headquarters.
  • There is no Anonymous Official.
  • Anonymous will never ask you for donations.
  • Anonymous will never sell merchandise.
  • Anonymous is you. We are all equal.

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There is no official Anonymous (CGAN)

Anonymous starts preparations for the Million Mask March of 2019

The Anonymous Million Mask March, also known as Operation Vendetta, is a global event that is held on the 5th of November every year since 2012.

On this day Anonymous activists and hacktivists march together in unity to show that they are here and fighting for the rights of everyone. There are no specific goals, but many are marching to defend free press, free speech and to stop censorship and corruption.

Anonymous Million Mask March event list for 2019: Click Here

As this year we are facing the incarceration of journalist Julian Assange, whistleblower Chelsea Manning and many others, the Million Mask March will be a way to push back. The main stream media are not honest about what is going on. Freedom of the press is under attack like never before. We as a collective do have a voice, and we can use it.

Anonymous is still the largest activist idea on the planet, and we can all show the world that we are awake to what is happening to our freedom. And not just our press freedom, but also our freedom of speech. We can show that we see the signs of oppression and that we stand strong and united against the corrupt who want to take away our rights. Bring signs and other things to make your voice heard. Ask your family and friends to join this time, so we can show that we can deliver and that we are more powerful than ever.

The activist collective Candles4Assange are also joining the Million Mask March protests to ask attention for the case of Wikileaks journalist Julian Assange. They are planning to join the different events around the world, to strengthen the necessary voice for free press even more. So this year it will not be just Anonymous marching, others will stand with us, together, unleashing a peaceful but powerful scream for freedom.

Anonymous Bites Back as a media team will be present at many marches around the world, and we will attempt to stream most of the events live. If you want to broadcast and need us to help you, feel free to contact @abbliveshow on Twitter. We will then make sure you get the exposure you need.

Want to meet others and perhaps travel together? Many organizers and participants assemble on social media, others are joining a chat server on Discord: Click Here

This Discord server also has a lot of promo material in it, including free printable masks. Do you just want to march and not join any server or social media, printable masks and flyers are also available here: Click Here

Note: Even though the Million Mask March is a fully legal and peaceful event, remember to stay safe. Keep your masks on and do not share any private information about yourself with anyone. Online and offline. Sail safe.

Anonymous unites to Free Assange

At Anonymous Bites Back we have been involved with the movement to defend Julian Assange for a while. Ever since Wikileaks was attacked by the powers that be for exposing the crimes of the governments around the world, we have been fighting back side by side with these great journalists to defend the truth and a free press.

But we are not alone anymore. When Julian Assange was in the Ecuadorian embassy, being smeared almost daily by the controlled main stream media, it was very hard to gather support for him. Especially from people on our “own side”. Because many were convinced that if Julian Assange was really a threat, he would have already been arrested.

Everything changed when this actually happened. When the United Kingdom and United States governments suddenly raided the embassy and dragged independent journalist Julian Assange out of it like he was some criminal, the world was shocked. Everyone understood that this was the crucial moment that it became clear that free press was under attack.

That was also the moment that the Anonymous collective started to unite, and everyone started to express their support to free Assange. Anonymous France launched a petition to stop the extradition, street protests were organized by others around the world, and over 40 million cyber attacks were launched against the countries of Ecuador, the United Kingdom and the United States by others.

Most Anonymous activists are working under the hashtags #FreeAssange or #OpAssange on Twitter, but there are other hashtags you will come across if you have a look. So if you want to support the movement, join on Twitter and help out.

Next to Anonymous there are of course a number of celebrities, journalists and even politicians supporting Julian Assange. This is not without reason. We are now at the moment the United States asks for extradition of a person that is not from that country, for simply publishing truth about crimes committed by the United States army in Iraq. So the problem of Julian Assange is actually a problem for all of us. If they succeed, we will have lost our right to a free press.

Anonymous Bites Back will keep you updated about this situation and on every episode we broadcast we will at least give you some information about the current status and what is happening around the case of Julian Assange. When something important happens, we will be the first to let you know.

We are Anonymous Bites Back, your independent live show created by Free Speech activists from around the world.

Stay up to date with our work on Twitter: @ABBLiveShow

And watch our episodes: Anonymous Bites Back on Periscope

Anonymous Bites Back supports #StopACTA2

While we only entered the year 2019 for a few days, already shit has hit the fan. The European Union attempts to censor the internet with 2 new initiatives called Article 11 and Article 13.

On the streets these 2 articles are called Acta 2. Why? Because they will have legal implications that will change the internet as we know it. Not only will they include an “upload filter” to block copyrighted (or unwanted) content from being uploaded on the internet, it will also be impossible to link to source material, including educational content.

Article 13 is built to make the website owner responsible for the content the users post on websites, effectively forcing website owners to move behind an upload filter to protect themselves against huge claims by copyright owners. Article 11 might be even worse. It is called the “link tax” article, where linking to copyrighted material is taxed upon. Imagine linking to a new article because you want to have a discussion about it? Impossible, you now need to pay.

This is something that will destroy our internet. And we cannot accept it. So we are fighting back. Activists, hacktivists and pirates are now uniting under the banner of StopACTA2.

Anonymous Bites Back is in full support of the (street) protests against these Orwellian moves to censor the internet. We have had several episodes about this subject already, and we plan to join the protesters on the street and broadcast live to our network.

We urgently ask you to do everything in your power to support the StopACTA movement, that is coordinated by the Polish StopACTA2 crew and the crew of Anonymous Worldwide. Show the powers that be that the internet belongs to the people. And that we are those people. You, we, everyone. And not the corporations or the power hungry.

The first wave of street protests are planned for January 19, 2019, all over Europe. In at least 20 different cities protests are being planned and prepared.

Do you want to learn more? Ready to help?

Visit the site:

The site has got a full list of the existing protest locations. Are you an experienced organizer? Then contact [email protected] for any information, or if you want to start your own protest.

Now is the time to rise up. Before it is too late.